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Uploaded a new image I did during the course of last week, a quick image.

Long live the holidays! 4 weeks of doing nothing, some time for my own stuff, and some time to look back at a very interresting year.

This year alot in my life changed, and although I am happy for most of it to happen, I cannot but stand and look back at the things that did not go entirely as planned.

On the other hand, I forsee a great 2007, and I hope I will enjoy it just as much as I have this year! Happy holidays everyone!


Time Flies!!

It has been a while since I updated my website, more then a year to be precise, mostly because I was very busy with things not website related that had a very high pryority.

Today I have uploaded 5 images I made during the last year, still more to come but for now this will do. They can be found in my portfolio!

Thanks to everyone that was there for me during this period! You know who you are!



Added a animation to the portfolio section



Added a new indoor render to my portfolio.


Uploaded a new image to the portfolio section.
Updated the links section.


Uploaded a new image in the portfolio section.


Website relaunch!
Back to html! hurray!
Expect this website to be updated more often!


just wrapped up my work on my first (Playstation 2)game!
The game is called Killzone and its a first person shooter.
I was responsible for the lighting.